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Quarter Turn Actuator



Adapted to the 90 ° rotation of the ball valve, butterfly valve, damper baffle and other suitable 90 ° rotation of the equipment to meet a variety of industrial automation control piping requirements. It can be widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power plant desulfurization, water treatment,paper making, shipbuilding, building automation and other industries PWMOK series electric actuator torque range from 60Nm to 3000Nm,within this range there are avariety of models to choose from.

  1. Housing : Anodized aluminum enclosure via stearin and polyester powder coated, light weight, has a strong anti-corrosion ability. Protection class IP67 (Namur4 & 6), otherwise protection class IP68 product to choose from.Can be applied to a variety of harsh environmental conditions.
  2. Motor: Specially designed squirrel cage induction motor starting torque to start quickly after complaining peak,built-in overheat, overload protection. With output high efficiency, high accuracy, low noise, small size andother characteristics.
  3. PCU: The integration of high-performance microprocessors, at the installation site without complex settings, a key auto- calibration and self-calibration function to provide a good user installation convenience.
  4. Seal: Double O-ring seal in order to achieve bi-directional sealing
  5. Hand operated institutions: Manual clutch lever can be pulled to achieve manually, automatically reset afte power clutch can be electrically controlled functions. In addition, the hand wheel size is based on the torque required to turn the actuator design,easy, fast and convenient opening actuators.
  6. Gears and self-locking device: When powered down, the worm gear lever mechanism and two double reduction gearbox,to prevent the valve caused due to instantaneous reversing valve position imprecise, can prevent the reversal valve position and ensure accurate and reliable. Also has a high output efficiency, low noise characteristics.

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