by Medit Inc.

- Model VJ - Joystick Articulated Video Borescope



Joystick articulated QUASAR VJ is a new generation of mid-range video borescopes with highly scalable design and groundbreaking optics and electronics. Due to its user-friendly viewing characteristics even users with entry level skills in remote inspections can obtain clear, informative footage of remote problem areas.  The new video borescope is equipped with a high resolution, sensitive CMOS image sensor that quickly adapt to various lighting conditions and captures sharp, detailed images of areas of interest. The tungsten braided insertion probe is up to IP67 waterproof and available in different working length (up to 8m / 26.2 feet).  Control unit is compact, lightweight and features a thumb-driven, omnidirectional joystick control for quick, accurate articulation.

Another feature of that portable video borescope is intuitive inspection process control by easy-to-understand menu and ergonomic buttons. You can be focused on your main job, everything you need is at your finger tips and you can articulate, capture images and video, change adjustments, etc. very easily.

Large 5.8” HD TFT LCD display is readable even in direct sunlight. Take snapshots of particular problem areas in JPEG/PNG format or record videos in .AVI format. All data can then be stored to SD memory card (included).

QUASAR VJ Videoscope works on rechargeable batteries that ensures greater flexibility and freedom of movement during inspections and is good for up to 3 hours of uninterrupted inspections on full charge. 

You can be sure that buying this device you get the best value for your dollar and never be disappointed.

  • New Generation QUASAR VJ Video Borescope
  • Highly Sensitive CMOS Video Chip
  • All-way Tip Articulation
  • Omnidirectional Motorized Joystick Control
  • Tungsten-braided Probes of Variable Lengths (up to 8m / 26,2 feet)
  • Adjustable LED Light Illumination
  • Large 5.8” HD TFT LCD Display
  • Image/Video Capture
  • Rechargeable Batteries

  • Insertion probe diameter: 6mm (4mm available)
  • Effective working length: 4.9-26.2 feet (1.5-8m)
  • FOV : 60°
  • DOF : 7mm - 80mm
  • Image sensor: CMOS
  • Resolution: 450,000 pixels
  • Waterproof probe: IP67
  • Insertion Probe Braid: Tungsten
  • Articulation:4-way / 150° (1.5m) - 120° (3-8m) ± 10°
  • Illumination: LED
  • Light intensity: 24,000 lux
  • Illumination control:Adjustable
  • Power:12.6V ~1A
  • Rechargable battery: Interchangeable 
  • Continuous working time: 3h
  • Monitor size:5.8' TFT LCD
  • Video format :AVI
  • Image format :JPEG/PNG
  • Storage:SD card / USB Interface
  • Working temperature:-10°C~50°C

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