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Ques Industries, Inc. has specialized in the manufacturing of high quality, expertly formulated chemicals for boiler water treatment. Our line of products increases the efficiency and life expectancy of a boiler system operating in virtually any demanding environment. We offer internal scale and corrosion, water sludge and dispersant, oxygen scavenging, water return line, water antifoam, and descaling chemical treatments that have evolved through our own research that spans decades. Our state-of-the-art facility produces both standardized product lines as well as an array of custom manufactured solutions on a system-by-system basis.

We begin every formulation analysis with an extensive problem assessment program that evaluates our customer’s system. This includes an understanding of their current corrosion treatments, reasons for equipment failure, energy consumption, cleaning schedules, production down time, and compliance failures. We design our formulations to eliminate corrosion and discoloration that is typically attributed to the varied treatment procedures used by public water systems, manufacturers, and other utilities across the United States. For drinking water potability, our products can help clean out arsenic, uranium, and other chemicals. With our maintenance service plans, we can assist with designing corrective maintenance schedules, predictive maintenance and repair, and proactive prevention strategies. This also involves the manufacturing of customized formulations with private labeling that’s specific to your system’s performance needs. We can also conduct extensive water analysis, reverse engineering, and in-house product testing as secondary services in addition to our boiler water treatments.

We create all of our dry and liquid formulations in our ISO certified, environmentally friendly, 50,000 sq. ft. facility. Offering both 24/48 hour turnaround time as well as emergency blending services, we’ve supported industries including commercial, public utility, manufacturing, high purity water, food & beverage, and property management. We abide by the latest industry standards including NSF, AWT, FDA, and EPA. To learn more about our boiler water treatment products, please contact us or refer to the table below.

  • Boiler Internal Scale and Corrosion Treatments
  • Boiler Water Sludge and Dispersant Treatments
  • Boiler Oxygen Scavengers
  • Boiler Water Return Line Treatments
  • Boiler Water Antifoams
  • Boiler Descaling Chemicals

Ques has decades of experience formulating and blending premium boiler water treatment chemicals. You can depend on us to deliver high quality products fast.

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