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- Closed System Treatment System


Ques Industries, Inc. fields the expertise and technology to manufacture highly effective chemical formulations for the treatment of closed systems. We can develop water treatment chemicals that prevent efficiency losses and costly downtime while safeguarding systems from future issues. Our products include closed loop, scale, and multi-metal corrosion inhibitors as well as system descalers for on-line or off-line applications. We offer standardized treatment products as well as custom formulations on a system-by-system basis. Our team works with our customers to perform water treatment systems analysis, water analysis, preventive chemical maintenance, and custom product formulation. They are designed to counter discoloration, metal corrosion, arsenic, uranium, and gasoline; making them ideal for public water system potability, manufacturing, and various other utilities.

Our closed system treatments begin with a full assessment and evaluation of our customer’s existing methods. We analyze their current corrosion treatments, recent equipment failures, energy and maintenance costs, compliance issues, and production down time occurrences. Our system evaluation services will conduct water testing backed by a full laboratory analysis regimen, evaluating their current hardware configuration in order to recommend potential chemical services, equipment upgrades, and design solutions. We also provide operation packages for small public water systems including consumer confidence reports, emergency plans, treatment methods and scheduling, and extensive EPA compliance assessments.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we’ve served a variety of industries by helping them safeguard their customer base with innovative treatment formulas. Combining over 60 years of experience, we’ve developed treatments for industries including commercial, public utility, manufacturing, high purity water production, food & beverage, metallurgy, and property management. We closely follow the latest industry standards as established by AWT, NSF, FDA, and the EPA. To learn more about our closed system treatments,

  • Closed Loop Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Closed Loop Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitors
  • System Descalers On or Off Line

Your customers deserve the best water treatment chemicals available to prevent loss of efficiency or costly downtime. Ques closed system treatments will safeguard your customers from these damaging problems, and they will have you to thank for supplying them with the best the industry has to offer.

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