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Built to make hole fast! In soft ground there is nothing that penetrates as fast and keeps the hole as clean as Qui-Klaw Claw Bits. The Qui-Klaw was initially developed for downhole drilling in clay and other soft conditions, but has many applications in the HDD field.

Choose from Drillhead’s patented 8 cutter, cross-top design or the popular 5 cutter design. 5 cutter claw bits perform great for most applications but when you need greater penetration rates, huge cutting relief area, more teeth tearing through the ground and a bit that will not plug up, the 8 cutter claw bit is the bit to choose.

  • Field-replaceable, self-sharpening teeth to minimize down time.
  • Field-replaceable, screw-in pilot
  • Steers with the use of a bent sub or motor

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