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Modern Water’s QuickChek Reader is a portable, robust and automated flow reading device. It is an extremely flexible device, capable of performing qualitative and quantitative assays. With one push of a button the assay will be analysed within seconds and results can then be stored within the device for download or printing.

Modern Water’s QuickChek Reader is used in combination with a number of specific immunoassay strip (lateral flow) tests. Typically these tests are either compared to a relevant colour chart or provide indicative markings for a semi quantitative result range. With the Reader, operator subjectivity is removed and a more accurate result with lower detection levels is achievable.

Up to 10,000 results can be stored on the reader and easily sent in a workable format to a PC or laptop. The unit is truly field portable, with an operational battery life up to eight hours and can be charged via a simple USB connection to mains or 12 volt supply. It comes in a robust carry case with ample room for additional equipment.

  • Qualitative and/or quantitative results
  • Portable and robust
  • Automated
  • Flexible
  • Accurate

Each strip test is marked with a bar code that identifies the specific assay and batch number. The reader scans this bar code to identify the assay and utilises an image of the test window to generate a result.

Batch specific data is extracted from the barcode and the image of the test window is analysed to generate results. Your results can be programmed in a number of ways. The QuickChek™ reader is capable of programming a curve and basing your results off of that curve. Another option is comparison analysis between the intensity of the test and control lines. The QuickChek™ reader is also capable of just analysing the intensity of your test line.

Results are easy to read and understand. The text of the results is specified by the type of assay being performed. For example, Atrazine results are read in ppm or ppb and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria results are given in cell counts.

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