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- Single Chamber SBR Sewage Treatment Plants



You’re looking for a domestic sewage treatment system with the best effluent parameters in Europe? We have the answer with the QuickONE+, a simple and secure sewage treatment system, which does what you want it to do!

Just plug & play

  • The system is modular and can therefore be adapted according to your requirements, from a single household up to 6 persons
  • a retrofit Kit for upgrading an existing septictank is available
  • The QuickONE+ sewage treatment plant from Clearfox has a intelligent controller which is placed in the domeshaft
  • The system is odour-free and with a whisper quiet operation of less than 41dB
  • The amount of sludge is reducing itself by a sludge stabilization processes, this means that the sludge suction is a rare event
  • The single chamber SBR septic tank saves energy and reduces your operation cost $
  • Our wastewater treatment system has the lowest energy consumption of any model available on the market

The system is fully automatic

You already have an existing septic tank and you want to retrofit on newest state of art?
  • compact plastic small sewage treatment plant
  • quick and easy installation
  • minimal use of technology
  • economic and reliable
  • best outlet values guaranteed
  • technology with long service life
  • small maintenance effort
Benefits of the QuickONE+ sewage treatment system
  • for high groundwater tables and in stromwater areas
  • ecconomic
  • tank of the system
  • no concrete backfill required
  • small footprint
  • reinforced with a stainless steal frame
  • whisper quiet operation with less than 41dB A
  • System has lowest energy consumption of any model available on the market.
  • 60 Watt per person/a
  • Reinforced tank for 40 years durability 
  • waterproof monolith in one piece
  • the lids are childproof
  • and with a traffic load of 200kg
  • optional extensions as domeshaft for a road (cars)
  • Made in Germany! All parts are on worldwide standard
  • High quality of material
  • Polyethylene totally for recycling after 40 years lifetime

The system can be used for domestic houses and smaller agglomerations. It was tested also for a further sludge treatment, so this makes it unique on the market. This technology was developed especially for countries in Europe and Asia, where is a huge need for a simple effective cleaning of wastewater.

A cesspit e.g. can be easily upgraded on newest requirements for effluent with such a Kit. Also premanufactured systems are available as packaged systems in PE (aquaplast) tanks from Clearfox. These tanks are reinforced with stainless steel and they are famous for “undestroyable” design, they cannot break even they are approved for highest groundwater tables and difficult soil conditions by a notified body. The process technology is tested and approved to the European Standard Norm EN 12566-3, which makes sure that it suits to all European, Asian and guidelines and restrictions.

QuickONE+ sewage treatment according to the SBR technology

One cyclus per day cleans the waste water and treats the sludge for minimizing the waste disposal cost. All the treatment is in one tank, the specific volume for 1x people equivalent is around 600 ltr.(i.e. 5p.e=3.000l) The plug & play retrofitting kit includes all installationmaterial.

The system cannot block due to a patented backflush. In order to get a low maintenance cost system all components are without moving parts, the controlunit is installed in an areated cabinet on top of the tank. There is no addtional sludge storage necessary!

The effluent quality is highest class in europe, the approved control unit can handle underload, overload, sludge stabilizing and holiday mode.

The retrofitting kit – designed for clients tank – can be installed onsite.

The system is for domestic wastewater from 1 p.e up to 50 p.e according EN 12566-3 tested and approved.

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