Quiet Running Air Cooled Ozone Generator


This quiet running air cooled ozone generator is not only the world’s most reliable, it is also UL rated. A non-metallic clear-covered enclosure with cabinet filter, silent 25 kHz inverter and precise 10:1 linear turn down included. Local or remote control via analog 4-20 mA signal. Models are 100–240 VAC, 50/60 hZ with tube-compression inlet/outlet connections. They accept supply oxygen feed gas pressure range of 10–100 psi. Safeties include on board oxygen analyzer (optional), temperature limiter, low gas flow trip, low gas pressure trip, and inverter / power trip.

The OWS-AC series employs both a main power switch as well as an ozone generation switch. The digital display shows ozone production, cell pressure, oxygen concentration as well as any fault indications. The clear cover allows a simple visual inspection of ozone production via a NEON blue light and if a fault occurs a NEON red light alerts to a concern. The unit comes with a solenoid to shut off feed gas, a regulator to reduce supply pressure, a pressure indicator, a gas no flow switch, a scaled flow indicator, and a flow control valve. It also has dry contacts to output generator status, and accepts input via dry contact to soft and hard stop ozone generation.

  • 1-120 grams/O3/hr
  • UL Listed Generator
  • HMI Display/Control
  • Linear Turndown
  • Remote 4 to 20 mA
  • 5-100 PSI
  • Pressure Switch
  • On Board Oxygen Analyzer (optional)
  • High Temperature Switch
  • 100-240 Volt, 50/60 hertz
  • Discrete Power Terminals or U.S. Domestic Power Cord
  • Silent Ozone Production

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