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- Model DPe100MM/QZI - Dynamics Pump



The ACME Dynamics DYNAPRIMEe QUIETZONE model DPe100MM/QZI fully automatic, dry priming, trailer mounted 4' pump features compact design with large pump performance: Max flow to 1260 GPM; max head to 207' TDH; solids handling to 1.6' x 3.0'; will pass ropes, rags, and stringy materials. The DYNAPRIMEe priming system enables on demand priming and re-priming down to 30 feet within seconds, even on long suction lines, and handles a positive suction in excess of 50 PSI without adjustment or modification. The sound attenuated design reduces noise levels down to 64.15 d(B)A at a distance of only 23 feet.

Priming system. DYNAPRIMEe

  • 65 CFM oil flood lubricated, Heavy duty sliding vane type vacuum pump with Kevlar® blades.
  • Quick On demand priming and repriming down to 30 ft. vertical
  • Capable of handling positive suctions in excess of 30psi without modification or adjustment.
  • Very low emissions: 2-pass high efficiency filtration system

Pump Materials

  • Impeller: Double blade, spiral-type Pearlitic matrix 5.9 iron, ASTM A536, Gd 100-70-03 @302 BHN
  • Front/rear wear plates: Pearlitic matrix 5.9 iron, ASTM A536, Gd 100-70-03 @ 302 BHN
  • Non-return check valve: one piece, non-slam molded nitrile rubber nylon reinforced stainless steel disc, seating against a replaceable stainless steel seat
  • Shaft: Stainless steel; ASTM A276 431

Shaft Seal

  • Dry running Oil bath double mechanical seal
  • Silicon Carbide x Silicon Carbide viton elastomers all in stainless steel Maintenance-free, long life

Chassis/Fuel Tank

  • Chassis: 58 gallon integrated fuel cell: approximately 26.4 hours run time under a full load
  • Fuel gauge and 4” fuel cap
  • Jacks: 5000 front and rear, chrome like clear zinc plated side wind style
  • Axle: single torsion flex type 3500#
  • Tires: ST205/75R14C
  • Hot-dipped Galvanized trailer assembly: Rust resistant
  • Fenders manufactured of durable High Density Polyethylene: long life, inexpensive and easy to replace.
  • Options: DOT approved lights, surge or electric brakes, and more

Sound Attenuated Enclosure

  • Main body: removable enclosure covering both engine and pump end, reducing overall pumpset noise level to 63.1 d(B)A at
  • 7 meters (23 feet) (full load @ 2000 RPM)
  • Lockable doors of vandal/damage/impact resistant made of durable polyurethane design
  • Doors give total access to engine and pump along the entire length of pump set.
  • Engine control panel with lockable vandal cover
  • Battery, and all maintenance points located inside lockable enclosure to deter vandalism.

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