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QuiKSoil 2800 is a topically applied, temporary odor treatment. While operating in much manner as QuikSoil 2500, QuiKSoil 2800 is especially suited for the treatment of highly nitrous materials such as grass, some bio-solids and manures, and certain types of food wastes.

2800 is diluted with water, then applied directly to the odorous surface of the materials to be treated. Application rates are determined by the strength and intensity of the odors, and the application equipment being used. In general, the more water the application equipment delivers, the more 2800 may be diluted. For example, application with a 12 volt sprayer might be at a dilution rate of 100 to 1. However, with a fan sprayer on a water truck, because significantly more water will be applied to each square unit of surface area, dilution rates with this equipment could be 500 to 1 up to 800 to 1. Typically, 3 to 3.5 gallons of concentrate are needed per acre of surface treated (3 mil of concentrate
per square meter of surface area). Intensely odorous materials can require up to twice that dosage.

QuikSoil 2800 is not a perfume. Because active chemistry is utilized, the 2800 will be used up in the performance of deodorization and will need to be re-applied. How long each application will be effective is determined by a number of factors. These factors include temperature and humidity, wind, and level of surface disruption as well as odor intensity. Existing users report effective periods ranging from hours  in high heat and humidity, to several days in less humid climates. It should be noted that addition of untreated materials or disruption of treated materials will create the need for additional treatment. In the case of static materials (such as compost, mulch, or drying beds), length of successful treatment will be determined by BOD and COD of the mass, as well as humidity, temperature, and other external conditions. In the case of dynamic materials (such as landfill face, gas wells, or mechanically agitated compost), treatment should be “as needed”.

QuikSoil 2800 is a combination of enzymes, free amino acids, ribose and other glycosides, and specific mineral complexes. As with all QuikSoil products, 2800 is completely bio-degradable, user and planet friendly, and requires no special handling other than prevention from freezing.

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