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Shaftless Quilton conveyor (QT) is fitted with a robust shaftless spiral, in very thick steel and with a drive unit that operates at very low revolutions. This design of the spiral without a central shaft gives the Conveyor greater transport capacity, making it less sensitive to fibrous materials or to those tending to accumulate, and able to transport products of wide-ranging sizes. Nothing stops the forward movement of the materials and therefore, the capacity is enhanced because the trough can be filled without blockage risk.

The Conveyor can operate by “pushing” or “pulling”. When using a Conveyor that operates by “pushing”, a second conveyor can be fed by abutting it to the end of the other conveyor without having to pass through hoppers. This second Conveyor may be mounted at a different gradient and in a different direction to the first one. This allows for very compact installations in reduced premises.

In certain installations, the spiral is supplemented in order to increase the capacity of sloping conveyors and to increase the rigidity in very long conveyors and in Quilton Conveyors Compactors.

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