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- Conveyor Compactor



The Quilton Conveyor Compactor (QTC) only requires a single operation to perform the transport and compacting of screenings in treatment plants or in industrial processes. The adjustment of the length of the spiral and of the pressure exerted by the outlet clapper (fitted with springs) allow for regulating compaction. Depending on the applications, the volume lost at the outlet is around 30 to 40%. This equipment normally operates on a sporadic basis and the result is not affected by variations in feed.

The main advantages of this equipment are:

  • a single unit to transport and compact
  • ensuring a safety operation and without blockage risk due to the design of the equipment and of the spiral
  • lengths up to 10 m for standard equipment
  • adaptability to existing instalations and to the discharge of other equipment

The Quilton Conveyor Compactor is supplied with:

  • sealing system in the drive shaft
  • drain area with brush
  • cleaning pipe in the compaction area
  • connecting pipe for the single-point removal of all waters from drainage and compaction
  • wedgewire drum in the compaction area

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