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- Model GRP - Glass-Fibre Reinforced Polyester Resin Cover



Quilton Covers type Maier are structures of modular composition, made of unsaturated polyester resin, reinforced with glass fibre. The geometry and characteristics of each cover will depend on the shape and dimensions of the basin to be covered, which will also determine the model of cover to be used. The following are some of the types available:


The ribs are arranged perpendicularly to the bridge and their ends transfer the loads through a polyester resin bracket or supporting pile shoes located on the sides of the bridge and at the crown of the basin.
The superelevation of the supports along the bridge gives all the modules or elements a uniform gradient designed for the surface runoff the cover, in parallel and perpendicular to the bridge. Due to the supports placed on the bridge, stresses are exerted by sections and are not localised; which all implies a more enhanced supporting role for the bridge.


This type of covering consists of main load-bearing beams, in the shape of half casks or drums, and flat covering panels between the main beams and between these and the perimeter of the basin to be covered.

Due to the superelevation of the central part of the main load-bearing beams in comparison to the ends, resting on the perimeter, there is a uniform slope that serves as a runoff for the surface of the cover.


This type of cover consists, on the one hand, of the main supporting elements in a curve shape that are deployed radially in a ring around the crown, forming a ribbed framework and, on the other, of the secondary supporting elements that span the remaining openings or areas between the main supporting links.

The area of the ring of the central crown is covered by a special plate. With this cupola-shaped design the main supporting elements absorb the loads of the very light secondary supporting elements and transfer them to the rim or wall of the basin, which has to absorb major vertical and horizontal stresses. This means that it has to be thoroughly inspected insofar as concerns its supporting role.

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