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- Model QPH - Hydraulic Compactor



The Quilton Hydraulic Compactor (QPH) is an equipment that performs the dewatering of the screenings from wastewater and displaces or raises them a short distance (1.5 m). It basically consists of three parts:

Compacting area

It mainly comprises a piston that travels to and fro at slow speed through the interior of a tubular body mounted below an inlet hopper. The tubular body, at the outlet, is flanged to the discharge pipe that compacts the screenings and discharges them at a given distance or height from the compactor. Below the tubular body there is a tray for collecting the liquid extracted from the screenings.

Hydraulic system

It consists of a hydraulic cylinder located inside the compacting piston and is driven by the hydraulic unit at a pressure that can range between 150 and 230 bars.

Control panel

It is used to operate the hydraulic unit, regulate the number of cycles per minute, adjust and control the thrust, etc.

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