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The Quilton Rotor Screen is a drum screen that is used for filtering different kinds of fluids. The water passes through the wire comprising the drum, whilst those solids larger than the slot of the screen are retained on its surface. These retained screenings are conveyed by the drum as it rotates until they are removed from it by a scraper, which rests against the length of the drum. The filtered water flows through the profiles of the drum screen through to the collection chamber and exits the rotor screen through a flanged connection.

The drum screen is made of stainless steel and is formed by wedgewire.

The scraper may be made of brass or a plastic material in order not to damage the drum made of stainless steel. The tension and contact are achieved by the action and tension of a spring.

The washing and cleaning system of the drum screen consists of a pipe located in the drum shaft and fitted with cleaning nozzles along its length.

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