Quilton S.A.

- Static Screen



The Quilton Static Screen is based on the principle of the “Coanda effect”, whereby the liquid to be filtered passes through the bars of the screen, leaving the solids larger than the slot on it surface. Its originality resides in the shape of the bars of the screen. This constitutes a vital advantage in operation when compared to static screens with straight bars. Indeed, the solids retained are concentrated on the lowest points of the bars, reducing the risk of clogging and the flow of liquid continuously sweeps the bars, which favours the constant self-cleaning of the screen.

A further feature of the Quilton Static Screen, is that the screen has THREE gradients at different angles, which successively allow for:

  1. Screen the largest quantity of liquid.
  2. Retain screenings larger than the slot.
  3. Drain before discharging.

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