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- Stormwater Screen



The Quilton Screen type Romag CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow is designed as a modular system. Every model consists of the same elements that are assembled according to the needs required. The sides consist of rigid square tubing and sections of folded steel sheet, which are used to support the screen, the cleaning trolleys and the drive system. The bars on the screen are made of stainless steel and are pre-stressed. Due to this, when the screen is not in operation the bars are only subject to the initial pre-tensing.

The cleaning trolleys are located on the water outlet side and are guided by the rails.

The screen is activated automatically by a level control. The cleaning trolleys move with the cleaning rakes, forwards and backwards, driven by a oilhydraulic system and there is no contact of electric parts with the water. The cleaning is performed in two directions; nevertheless, the removal of the screenings is only carried out during the forward movement. The screenings retained and removed are dragged to the treatment plant (WWTP) by the water stream.

The combs, attached to the cleaning carriage, clean the screen and convey the screenings to the end of the screen. These screenings are removed by means of special scrapers located at this end of the CSO screen.

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