R.O Water Treatment Plant

R.O water treatment plant (Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant) is designed for water treating solutions. This water treatment plant is widely used in various sectors for reducing or filtering the amount of suspended particles in water. This R.O water treatment plant helps in eliminating the bacterial contaminants, organic & inorganic particles, metals, ions etc thus keeping the water highly pure.

We offer this R.O water treatment plant for both house & SOHO use as well as for industrial usage. The R.O water treatment plant produced for house applications has the capacity of 25lph and effectively runs on power with the voltage supply of 220 volts. The plant is completely automatic and can effectively help in obtaining quality water through minimum power and energy consumption.
The industrial R.O water treatment plant has higher capacities ranging from 25lhp to 10000lhp. The plant is available in different models based on the application level and is well manufactured using stainless steel and PVC piping variants. This R.O water treatment plant is completely efficient and greatly helps the industrial sectors in maintaining quality water.

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