RADeCO, Inc .

RADeCO, Inc .

- Model D-812, D-828 AND D-8528 - Air Flow Calibrators



RADēCO Air Flow Calibrators are the most durable and repeatable calibration devices available. RADēCO calibrators are constructed of a precision machined aluminum venturi tube and an appropriately ranged intelligent digital meter mounted in a rugged steel case. Simple, cost effective and consistently accurate year after year.RADēCO Air Flow Calibrators are available calibrated in cubic feet per minute or in liters per minute. Each calibrator is individually calibrated to an air flow instrumentation system whose calibration is certified and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The RADēCO Air Flow Calibrators are guaranteed to an accuracy of better than +5%, referenced to 29.92 inches of mercury and 70°F. A Certificate of Calibration is supplied with each calibrator.

RADēCO maintains an Air Flow Calibrator recertification and repair service for all RADēCO units. Similar units manufactured by competitors can also be serviced at our facility. Special calibrations are available upon request. An assortment of adaptors is available which mate the calibrators to all RADēCO Sample Holders.

  • Rugged construction
  • Direct reading -/+ in CFM or LPM
  • Better than +/- 5% accuracy of full scale
  • Three flow ranges (see chart on bottom)
  • Certified and traceable to NIST

Accuracy: Better than +/- 5% at 29.92”Hg and 70°F

Weight: Less than 5 pounds (2.3 Kg)

Calibration Frequency: For calibration laboratory userecertification is suggested once every two years; for field or dusty environment use, calibration recommended once a year.

120-220VAC 50/60hz, <1 amp

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