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Radiation Shield for Air Humidity/Air Temperature Sensors


Protection for the air humidity/air temperature sensors against solar radiation. The Multi-Plate Radiation Shield protects temperature and relative humidity sensors from solar radiation and precipitation. There is a non-ventilated and a ventilated version availablke. Compact size and light weight make this shield useful for many applications. The multiple plates have a unique profile that blocks direct and reflected solar radiation, yet permits easy passage of air. Enlarged top plate and steep edge profile minimize moisture accumulation from precipitation and dew. The plate material is specially formulated for high reflectivity, low thermal conductivity, and maximum weather resistance. The rugged U-bolt mounting clamp attaches easily to any vertical pipe up to 2 inches diamete

Sensor adapter

  • Sensor adapter for installation of:
    • Gealog NTC Air Temperature Sensor
    • Air Humidity/Air Temperature Sensor Hygroclip
  • Both sensors can be installed simultaneously

Radiation Error

  • Temperature error at 1080 W/m2 solar radiation Dependent on wind speed
    • 0.4°C RMS at 3 m/s
    • 0.7°C RMS at 2 m/s
    • 1.5°C RMS at 1 m/s
  • Environmental/mechanical data
  • Housing material:
    • UV stabilised white thermoplastic plates
    • Aluminium mounting bracket, white powder coated
    • Stainless steel U-bolt clamp
  • Dimensions: 13 cm diameter x 26 cm high
  • Mounting: fits vertical pipe 25 50 mm diameter
  • Weight: 0,7 kg.

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