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- Model ARG 100 - Rain Gauge



Raingauge - Aerodynamic 0.2mm Tipping Bucket - for use with Data loggers. A professional tipping bucket rain gauge for Environmental Monitoring Networks. A conventionally shaped rain gauge interferes with the airflow so that the catch is reduced. The low cost ARG100 aerodynamic rain gauge has been designed to minimise this effect by presenting a reduced side area to the wind. The collected rain is measured by the well-proven tipping bucket method which provides a contact closure at each tip. This is compatible with all loggers or event recorders.

The gauge was designed by the Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, UK with a profile very similar to that derived theoretically and independently by the UK Meteorological office as an ‘ideal’ shape and is manufactured and marketed under licence. The gauge is manufactured in UV resistant plastic by vacuum-forming techniques which enables production of a very rugged instrument of comparable precision to gauges fabricated in other materials, but at much lower cost.

  • Funnel Diameter : 254mm
  • Funnel Rim Height : 340mm
  • Tip Sensitivity : Standard setting 0.20mm of rain per tip.
  • Output : Contact closure.
  • Power requirements: None.
  • Maximum allowable current through reed 300 mA; non inductive.
  • Weight : 1 kg

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