Clearwater Process Control Ltd

Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting systems for home and garden.

Household Applications

Clearwater offer a range of simplified rainwater harvesting systems controlled by a pump, suitable for either direct or gravity fed applications. Operation of the system does not require a control panel, display panel or depth sensor.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified system design for rapid installation.
  • Quick-start set-up procedure.
  • ‘Kit in a box’ of key components.
  • Delivered to site on single pallet.
  • Easy conversion to gravity system with optional header tank.
  • Minimal energy use in operation.
  • Designed in accordance with BS 8515.

Garden Irrigation

Clearwater’s Garden Irrigation system comprises of a filter, an underground storage tank and a pump. Rainwater is stored in the underground tank from which it is pumped at a constant pressure to a hose connection point, as required.


  • Pumped water to required application, e.g. garden hose, power washer, sprinkler system.
  • Submersible pump.
  • Internal self-cleaning leaf filter.


  • Inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Simple on/off operation.
  • Suitable for existing and new homes.
  • Automatic rainwater diversion when tank reaches full capacity.

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