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- Model MK-III - Oracle Display for Wireless Weather Station



The Oracle Display for the MK-III Wireless Weather Station receives the weather instrument data via radio signal from the sensor assembly. Wind speed and direction are displayed in the compass rose at the left of the display, and all other sensor data is shown in the upper right. In addition to the real-time data, the Weather Oracle records minimum and maximum values, with time of occurrence, for wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and barometer. Two independent counters record rainfall. Each rainfall counter shows the time and date of the last counter reset.

  • Unlike typical LCD displays, the bright LED Weather Oracle display can be viewed from across a room, under any lighting conditions.
  • The wireless design allows the user to have as many displays and/or computer interfaces as desired. For example, a condominium with one sensor assembly can provide weather information to all of the member units.
  • The Weather Oracle Display may be placed anywhere convenient to a wall outlet, such as on a table or desk. Keyhole slots are provided for wall mounting.
  • Auto Select mode cycles through all sensor values on the main display. This allows all weather conditions to be observed without pressing any buttons. Or, if you desire select a single item for continuous display.
  • The simple setup mode allows English or Metric units to be selected for each sensor. The barometric pressure may be adjusted for the station elevation with a digital offset, and there is a digital temperature trim. A diagnostic mode shows the weather station version numbers, the sensor assembly battery voltage (with 24 hour high and low values), and a received signal indicator.

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