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- Model Series-FLX - Industrial Duty Corrugated Sidewall Belt Conveyor



The Rapat Series-FLX is an industrial duty corrugated sidewall belt conveyor that is capable of moving product at steep angles up to 90 degrees. The corrugated sidewall belting will handle a wide variety of materials in six different configurations. Each conveyor is completely unique and designed to fit the needs of your specific application. Common options include: enclosed frames, structural support trusses, walkways, service platforms, support bents, and belt thumpers.

Corrugated Sidewall Belting
Cross rigid base belt with sidewalls and cleats specifically designed for each application.

CEMA Standard Pulleys
These are readily available for quick replacement.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Bearings, Drives and Motors
Brands can be of the customer's choice or Rapat will provide our standard offering.

Skirted Inlet Area
Location where the product transitions onto the conveyor. Skirting is used to properly feed the material onto the belt.

Protected Screw Take-UPS
To assist in belt tensioning and tracking. A mechanical take-up to remove slack from the belt and maintain proper tension. Proper selection is based on the application requirements.

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