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Rapat Corporation

- Model Series-RR - Industrial Duty Enclosed Frame Conveyor



The Rapat Series-RR is an industrial duty enclosed frame conveyor with external bearing spool idlers and a self-cleaning UHMW slide belt return. Its design performs in tough environments while protecting the product from the weather conditions, capturing of dust emissions, while limiting the risk of igniting flammable products. Common options include: trussed frames, walkways, service platforms, support bents, transfer towers, and reloading tail sections.

Spool Carry Idlers With External Bearings
UHMW Slide Belt Return

Tool-Less Top Covers
For easy access.

Inspection Doors
To monitor operating conditions and provide access for maintenance.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Bearings, Drives and Motors
Brands can be of the customer's choice or Rapat will provide our standard offerings.

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