Rapid Barrier Systems Inc.

- Open Water Storage System


Open Water storage system is the most economical way to store water. Pictured: Two 25 ft x 20 in. barriers with one large tarp stores over 14,000 litres of water (combined with water inside the barriers).

  • Barriers will perform better if there is more contact with the surface area; if water levels are expected to be below the maximum height of the barrier, fill the barrier to a reduced height: for example,
    expected water height – 6 inches, fill the 12″ barrier to 8-10 inches.
  • In a hurry to set up barriers? You can use air from a leaf blower, shop vac, even a hair dryer (heat off) to quickly set up a barrier prior to filling with water; be sure to let the air out  as the barrier rises from inflowing water.
  • Opening the drain valves will quickly release most of the water, but to get the residual water out you can roll up the barrier, use a pump and even use a shop vac with the hose duck taped to a smaller diameter pipe inserted into the barrier.
  • Store the barriers in a cool dry place; roll them up to avoid creases from folding and use the black plastic caps (standard equipment) to thread onto the ports to protect the port threads from damaging the rolled barriers.

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