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Flooding, even low level flooding, can significantly damage or destroy your property. Now, you can protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Rapid Barriers are available in different heights and lengths, join end-to-end for increased length, stackable for increased height, reusable, long lasting - estimated 15 year life, replace thousands of pounds of sand and hundreds of sandbags, simply drain and wipe down, roll and store till needed. Barriers can be used for water diversion projects, temporary berms, and water storage. We can custom build storage barriers with material approved for potable water storage-especially important for communities whose water treatment facilities are at risk of shut-down from impending floods. We will work with you to design solutions to meet your requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us to answer any questions you may have.

With filling completed in just minutes, our medium size 50 ft barriers replace up to 753 sandbags*; that's over 11 tons of sand. (Sandbag dike- how many sandbags do you need? See our page 'Helpful Hints and Charts' for correct determination.

A more stable rectangular design

Our barriers are used for:

  • Flood Control
  • Water Diversion
  • Water Storage

The unique design of the Rapid Barrier System offers distinct advantages over other water-filled barriers, the overall rectangular design means:

  • Greater stability (rolling resistance)
  • More ground contact (greater sealing ability)

Each barrier of every size comes equipped with belt loops to accommodate optional cam buckles and high quality ss#316 quick links, to quickly and further secure the barriers, if needed. The size and quantity of quick links and cam buckles vary with the model of the barrier provided.

We provide as an option both heavy duty ground sheets and lighter duty top sheets of tarpaulin to further protect barriers from abrasion, puncture and stains. These tarps, for the 25 ft and 50 ft models are specially designed to line up with the quick links on the barriers for connection if required.

For barriers stacked in a pyramid fashion, these tarps are taped together on one end in a horizontal layout (as shown)!

Three Rapid Barrier flood barriers in stacked formation with protective top and bottom sheet.

All barriers come with attached skirts for end to end continuous connections, also as standard accessory. A minimum of two fill and two drain ports with caps and balls valves for enhanced fill and drain options. Soft carrying handles are provided on all models except the 12 inch X 12.5 foot long model. The top sheet overlays the barrier to provide further protection from 'in between the barrier' floodwater penetration.

A specially designed skirt insert is available for combined end-to-end and stacked barriers. The insert restricts the formation of a channel which could allow water to seep past a barrier wall.

Our commercial barriers use a material that is 50% thicker than our standard models and can accommodate our larger stainless steel quick links which may be used with our heavy duty cam buckles to quickly secure end-to-end and stacking connections as well as static connections (trees, buildings, etc.).

Setting up the barriers is more precisely achieved with convenient 'markers' located on the barriers to ensure they properly line up with each other when connecting end-to-end .

Soft handles on the larger barriers are provided for ease and convenience during set-up and take-down.

Barriers can be further protected with a thick, non-porous semi-flexible cover sheet (Insta-shield) to be used where rapidly flowing debris-filled floodwaters are anticipated.

All barriers use PVC material and all barriers are equipped with the following features:

  • UV protected
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fire retardent

All barriers can be filled from a fill pipe 2 inches in diameter or from a simple garden hose....fill and drain ports can be enlarged for special orders.

To build a barrier wall just 1 ft high by 12.5 ft long you will need 75 sandbags and 2,250 pounds of sand or just one of our barriers and a garden hose to fill it...takes about 22 minutes! Visit our page 'Helpful Hints & Charts' to calculate just how many sandbags you will need to build your barrier.

Note: These barriers are not approved to store or transport potable water......Rapid Barrier can supply potable water storage solutions!

The above figures are approximate! The figures are calculated based on non-flexible material such as steel....because flexible barriers bow out they will contact more ground surface, accept more water and therefore will weigh more than the figures stated above.

While ground surface contact and volume/weight of water is much higher for rectangular barriers, it may not be necessary to completely fill the barriers with water.....the decision to do so will depend upon the judgement of those setting up the barrier considering the anticipated height and velocity of the on-coming floodwaters; in many cases barriers can for example, be filled 2/3 their stated height or less with water, with the balance of the barrier filled with air.

Air filling can be accomplished from a variety of sources....leaf blower, shop vac even a hair dryer (separate heat and fan switches with the heat shut off). The advantage of partial air filling is that the target barrier height can be achieved much more rapidly than by filling solely from a garden hose.

Do not exceed recommended height for the barriers regardless of whether filled by air or water!

  • 2 barriers laid side by side  – ratio is 10/3. Comparable to a sandbag dike with a ratio of 3/1 or 9/3 width/height although in many circumstances a backup barrier is not needed.
  • RBS barriers feature side straps which can be used to further secure the barriers.
  • Estimated weight of a sandbag is 35 pounds.

Open Water Storage System

Open Water storage system is the most economical way to store water. Pictured: Two 25 ft x 20 in. barriers with one large tarp stores over 14,000 litres of water (combined with water inside the barriers).

L' shaped open water storage

Helpful Hints

  • Barriers will perform better if there is more contact with the surface area; if water levels are expected to be below the maximum height of the barrier, fill the barrier to a reduced height: for example,
    expected water height – 6 inches, fill the 12″ barrier to 8-10 inches.
  • In a hurry to set up barriers? You can use air from a leaf blower, shop vac, even a hair dryer (heat off) to quickly set up a barrier prior to filling with water; be sure to let the air out  as the barrier rises from inflowing water.
  • Opening the drain valves will quickly release most of the water, but to get the residual water out you can roll up the barrier, use a pump and even use a shop vac with the hose duck taped to a smaller diameter pipe inserted into the barrier.
  • Store the barriers in a cool dry place; roll them up to avoid creases from folding and use the black plastic caps (standard equipment) to thread onto the ports to protect the port threads from damaging the rolled barriers.

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