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Rapid Infiltration Basins & Rapid Infiltration Columns


Traditional Applications: Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent, Sewage Lagoon Effluent, Industrial/Agricultural Wastewater and USA Florida, Pennsylvania.


New Application:
- to address urban development impacts such as:
- reduced recharge (aquifer levels and baseflow)
- increased runoff (30 - 50 %)
- stormwater management
- ground and surface water quality New Planning

- Hydrogeological Objectives
- post-development = pre-development
- maintain recharge to aquifers
- maintain baseflows to streams, lakes and wetlands
- protect water quality


- alternative site designs to reduce imperveous areas
- drainage swales, vegetated filter strips
- disconnect roof drains, use of permeable pavements
- Rapid Infiltration Basins
- Rapid Infiltration Columns Advantages of Infiltration via RIBs/RICs:
- controlled volumes
- optimize recharge/maintain water balance
- removes silt, clay and suspended solids
- addresses storm water quality concerns such as phosphorus, metals and temperature

RIB Design Considerations:
- determine natural recharge conditions
- determine reduction in recharge from development
- assess hydrogeology (K, T, depth to WT, mounding - field tests)
- size/design RIB to handle 'replacement' recharge volume
- integrate RIBs into stormwater management system

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