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- Model 150 Series - Low Speed Granulators


The Rapid 150 Series of low speed granulators is intended primarily for beside-the-press injection molding applications. Immediate in-line recycling of sprues and rejects maintains product quality and eliminates the distribution and storage of waste and regrind. No matter how your production machines are configured, we have the right beside-the-press or under-the-press models for your kind of production.

  • Highest quality regrind

  • DeltaTech models

  • PowerTech models

  • Cassette knife system

Double scissors cutting action. Provides efficient, enegry saving, cutting of the plastics with a minimum of dust and fines.

Cassette knife system. No re-sharpening! No re-adjustments! Just remove the worn knifes and replace them with new ones. The knife clearance between rotating- and stator knife will automatically be correct!

Heavy duty rotor. The rotor with its hardened rotor end discs and twin bearings makes a solid core for efficient granulation of even the toughest materials.

Reversible, hardened screen. Rapid hardened screens give prolonged lifetime. The possibility to turn it around gives further longevity.

Low noise level. Depending on type of granulation (material, waste, feed rate, temperature etc.) the sound pressure level is as low as 72–83 dB(A).

PowerTech Version. The 150 PowerTech Models are all dedicated specifically to filled and abrasive materials. All vital wear parts are wear resistant, including the special PowerTech knives with up to 13 times longer lifetime.

Hoppers for all types of production. Standard infeed for diverse infeed situations, rear feed, z-infeed, auger (screw) and docking (to be placed under molding machine) available.

High-built and extra low-built machine stands. Suitable in specific situations where standard machine base may not fit.

Level indicator. To protect against build up of material in bin, and possible over heating of granulator, a level indicator is useful. Can be set to different levels of functionality, from basic warning signal to controlling of the complete production cell.

Sound proofing. A special sound proof hood, reducing noise levels.

Hour counter. Useful to keep record of service intervals etc

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