- Model D Series - Feeder Injectors


The DB & DD Series offer an inexpensive way inject almost any liquid into a water line at an adjustable ratio. Built with the same quality and pride as the J Plus, these pumps will inject one chemical up to a 1:100 ratio with models rated for 20 or 50 GPM. These models feature an adjustable feed ratio which makes fine tuning the injection ratio as easy as twisting a knob. Injectors can be turned down to 1/10th of their maximum feed ratio.

Industry Leading Quality

  • Legendary dependability helps saves time on maintenance

Easy Installation and Operation

  • Save money and install it yourself with our help

Positive Displacement

  • Extremely accurate injection helps save money on chemicals

Diaphragm Operation

  • No sliding seals, accuracy does not degrade over time

Volume Proportioning

  • Constant chemical levels regardless of flow rates

Adjustable Feed Rate

  • Change the feed rate while unit is operating and without recalibrating

Filter not required

  • Save money and time by not having to mess with a filter

Extremely Low Pressure Loss

  • Won't affect existing plumbing and irrigation systems' operation

Low power consumption

  • Can be powered with a battery or solar power

On/Off and Pulse button

  • Simple to use

15 month warranty

  • We proudly stand behind our products

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