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J Series Ratio:Feeder Injector Systems can inject almost any liquid chemical into a water line at a set ratio. Most common uses include fertilizer injection, acid injection for pH stabilization, chlorination, and sanitization. All J Series Injectors can be configured to pump multiple chemicals or solutions at different ratios. Systems can be configured to work with flows ranging from 1/4 gallon per minute to 10,000 gallons per minute. Common injection rates range from 1:100 to 1:10,000. Injectors require at least 30 psi to operate with a maximum of 125psi or 100psi depending on which blend tank is utilized. Controllers can be powered using 120VAC or 12VDC. J Series Injectors can be purchased as complete assembled units which fit most common applications or as individual components sized especially for your specific application.

The J Series Injector is made up of 5 separate components. Click on the menu to the left for more information on these individual components.

  • J Series Controller - Connects to the water meter and pilot valve/manifold. It measures the water flow using the water meter then turns the pilot valve on and off to stroke the pump heads at the proper rate to maintain the set ratio.
  • Water Meter - Used by J controller to measure water flow. Many different models are available which can measure flows from 1/4 GPM up to 10,000 GPM.
  • Manifold/Pilot Valve - Pump Heads are mounted to the manifold. The Pilot Valve, which is controlled by the J Controller, provides water pressure to the pump heads to make them pump.
  • Pump Heads - Pump Heads are what actually pump the chemicals. Many different models and sizes a available to handle almost any liquid and feed ratio.
  • Blend Tank - Ensures the chemical injected into the water line is blended uniformly ensuring even distribution and allowing for accurate measurements to be made.

Proportional Feed

  • Every Anderson Injection System uses proportional feed to maintain the same feed ratio or PPM across the entire flow range of the system.

Positive Displacement

  • Unlike competing designs, Andereson Injectors utilize positive displacement diaphragm pumps which ensures injection rates will not degrade over time. Injectors with sliding o-ring seals lose acccuracy as seals become worn and lead to inconsistant injection rates.

Chemical Resistance

  • All Anderson Injectors are fitted with EPDM, Viton or Teflon diaphragms allowing almost any chemical to be injected.

No Acid Dolution Required

  • Acid can be directly injected using our A Series Teflon® pump heads. This eliminates the need to dilute acid so handling dangerous chemicals can be avoided.

Multiple Pump Heads Available

  • Incompatible solutions can be injected separately by using multiple pump heads.

Wide Flow Range

  • Precision multijet watermeters allow injectors to work across a wide range of water flows and do not require a filter

Long Warranty

  • All Anderson Injectors come with a 15 month warranty because we are proud to stand behind our products

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