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Model RAV - Remotely Actuated Valve



Water supply companies daily face payment defaults for the provided services, leading to systematic cutting off and restoring service actions. When both the water distribution systems and the building networks are operating normally, to cut off the water supply is usually a simple and feasible task. Cut offs through an external shutoff valve located on the water supply pipeline is also not always feasible, especially when these don’t exist or when the pipeline supplies multiple customers. On the other hand, security matters have to be taken into account when executing these services.

As a contribution for the optimization of water supply companies operational activity, a cut off valve with remote actuation was developed - RAV.

RAV’s main objective is to cut off water supply by remote actuation in installations where the traditional shutoff valve is not accessible, or places where physical integrity of the operators may be compromised during the cut off.

With RAV’s implementation, water distribution companies will be provided with a new tool that will allow a performance improvement, financially and in human resources.

Thus, it introduces an innovative process and a new management paradigm for water distribution companies, mainly in customer and assets management.

Operator Interface

  • User Authentication
  • Valve ID (editable)
  • Valve communication indicator
  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Valve status (open / closed)
  • Battery Status
  • Security (violated valve / inviolate)
  • Operation (Ok/ NOK)

Available operations

  • Reconnect valve
  • Close valve
  • Cut status
  • Open valve installation
  • Closed valve installation
  • Remove valve
  • Valve inspection
  • Valve emergency inspection

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