White Knight Fluid Handling

Model RBA Series - Pressure Regulators



White Knight PXA140 air-operated double-bellows pump is the ideal solution for high purity and ambient temperature recirculation or delivery applications where proximity sensors are required for optimum systems control. With 100% PTFE and PFA wetted fluid path, the PXA140 operates with proximity sensors and an external solenoid valve. It performs safely and reliably at red-line conditions in applications running 24/7 for the entirety of its 2 year warranty with no maintenance.

  • Remotely piloted
  • PTFE/PFA fully-swept fluid paths
  • No O-rings or extraneous seals
  • Metal-free design eliminates potential contamination
  • 1/2 in models have 3/8 in flow-through
  • 3/4 in models have 5/8 in flow-through
  • 1 in models have 7/8 in flow-through
  • Safe, leak-free operation
  • Class 100 clean room assembly, testing, and packaging
  • Various liquid connection options
  • Minimal parts for durable design
  • Easy to install and service
  • No maintenance required during two year warranty
  • Integral gauge port

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