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- Variable Chamber Baler



The faster you bale, the more time and money you save. It’s that simple. The 8X2 range with their solid, welded frame construction are anything but ‘entry level’ models. They will bale reliably all day long. Move up to the 8X4 range and you’ll enjoy greater automation and versatility. for the top of the range 900 Series John Deere completely reinvented the whole baling concept. Its full frame design, lightweight gate and tractor baler automation bring new levels in baling efficiency and speed. In tests the 900 Series baler officially produced 127 bales in an hour!

8X2 Series: 842, 852 and 862
Rock solid reliability. High quality output.

  • Heavy duty welded frame
  • 3-ply ultra strong Diamond Tread belt
  • Easy to use monitoring systems
  • 2.0 m pick-up
  • Performs best in hay and straw

8X4 Series: 854 and 864
Multicrop versatility. Time-saving design.

  • All the strengths of the 8X2 with extra functionality
  • Advanced monitoring and control systems
  • 2.0 or 2.2 m high capacity pick-ups
  • Hydraulic drop floor
  • Multicrop performer

900 Series: 960 and 990
High volume. High performance.

  • 100+ bales per hour
  • Tough frame design
  • 2.2 m high capacity pick-up
  • Full tractor baler automation
  • Excellent in wet silage

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