RDD International

RDD International

- Model 2000 - Medical Waste Treatment System

The treatment and disposal of toxic medical waste always poses a problem of transport and storage to the medical facilities itself and is associated with a high cost structure. If the toxic and infectious parts could be eliminated in advance, then the hospital waste would now come, concerning the disposal costs, into the far more favorable disposal class as normal commercial waste or even that of household waste; not to mention that there is an enormous volume reduction by shredding of the entire waste. With our autoclaves, we do exactly that: we disinfect and sterilize the toxic and infectious waste. In our pressure vessel, the waste is sterilized at a pressure of 4-6 bar and at a temperature of 139 Celsius. In order to prevent the formation of resistant clusters or nests, the waste is crushed in the first operation step with a shredder.

Major Characteristics R 2000

Size (LxWxH) in mm 3000 x 3000 x 6200

Volume of the two chambers 5150 l

Volume of the upper chamber 2500 l

Total weight when empty 4300 Kg

Maximum weight 9450 Kg

Maximum steam pressure 7 bars

Compressed air 6 bars

Electricity 380 V / 50 Hz / 35 Kw

Working characteristics

Cycle time 60 minutes

Treated weight 150 Kg –250 Kg

Max. steam flow 700 Kg/h

Sterilization (SAL) 10 -8

Consumption / cycle

Steam 40 Kg

Electricity 9 Kwh

Water 330 l