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- Model Amproquin - For Anti Biotics



COMPOSITION; Amprolium HCI I.P.(vet)16.67%W/W. Sulfaquinoxaline I.P.(vet)16.67%W/W as Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium.


  • It shows broad spectrum of activity against coccida.
  • The unique combination of Amprolium and sulfaquinoxalin exhibits greater efficacy against single and mixed species of coccidia.
  • Amproquin is very effective against both caecal and intestinal cocci.
  • It can be uuused in all types chicken (chicks,growers,layers and broilers).

DOSAGE & Administration :

  • 3g Amproquin per 5L of drinking water daily for 7 days.
  • or 30g amproquin per 50L of drinking water daily for 7 days.

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