- 45m In Situ FTIR Spectroscopy



To understand and optimize chemical reactions over a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions, chemists and chemical engineers require in-depth reaction information. This data has traditionally been obtained via offline techniques that require extraction and sample preparation which is therefore not a true representation of the reaction components. ReactIR 45m is a real-time, in situ mid-infrared based system that monitors reactive chemistry to track reactants, products and intermediates under actual reaction conditions. By eliminating offline sampling, ReactIR 45m helps develop safe, robust processes faster.

Sampling technology options enable reactions to be monitored under a wide range of conditions including high and low temperatures and high pressures. Chemistries include:

  • Hydrogenation
  • Hydroformylation/Oxo Synthesis
  • Phosgene Chemistry
  • Organolithium Chemistry
  • Azide Chemistry

– all of which are unsuitable for offline sampling.

Specifications - ReactIR 45m 

For Use In: Laboratory
Software: ConcIRT Pro; iC IR; iC Kinetics; iC Quant
Detector: LN2 NCT
Optical Range (Base Unit): 4000-650 cm-1
Purge Requirement: Yes
Dimensions Width: 216.0 mm
Dimensions Height: 381.0 mm
Dimensions Depth: 279.0 mm
Weight: 35.0 lb; 16.0 kg
Communication: USB cable
Resolution (2): 4 cm-1 maximum
Operating Range (Temp.): 19.0 °C - 25.0 °C
Probe Optical Window: 2500-650 cm-1 maximum (Fiber Probe); 4000-650 cm-1 (Sentinel)
Wetted Materials: Alloy C22; Diamond or Silicon; Gold
Probe Pressure (Maximum): 107bar (Sentinel); 69 bar (6.35mm fiber probe)
Probe Temperature (Maximum): 180°C (Fiber Probe); 200°C (Sentinel)
Safety Certification: EMC Directive 2004/109/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/IEC
Probe pH Range: 1-10 (Silicon); 1-14 (Diamond)
Material Number(s): 14170003

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