- Permeable Composite of Geotextiles and Granular Organoclay



REACTIVE CORE MAT is a patented permeable composite mat consisting of reactive material(s) encapsulated in a non-woven core matrix bound between two geotextiles. The upper geotextile is a needle-punched, non-woven fabric that is heat-laminated to a matrix of nonwoven fibers needle-punched into a woven geotextile. Through its innovative processing, RCM can combine two active materials, if required.

ORGANOCLAY REACTIVE CORE MAT is a permeable composite of geotextiles and granular Organoclay that reliably adsorbs NAPL and low solubility organics from water. Batch isotherm testing by a university determined the following partition coefficients:

  • Naphthalene, Kd = 3280 L/kg
  • Phenanthrene, Kd = 117,000 L/kg
  • Pyrene, Kd - 286,000 L/kg

ORGANOCLAY REACTIVE CORE MAT is designed for use in the following applications:

  • In situ subaqueous cap for contaminated sediments or post-dredge residual sediments
  • Embankment seepage control
  • Groundwater remediation

  • ORGANOCLAY REACTIVE CORE MAT provides a reactive material that treats contaminants carried by advective/diffusive flow
  • Reactive cap allows for thinner cap thickness than a traditional sand cap
  • Geotextiles provide stability and physical isolation of contaminants

Organoclay Reactive Core Mat is available from the following CETCO plant locations: 92 Highway 37, Lovell, WY

  • 15’ by 100’ rolls, packaged on 4” PVC core tubes wrapped with polyethylene plastic packaging.

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