- Model M Series UV254 - Wastewater Online Analyzer



Real Tech’s UV254 Online analyzers offer an affordable and accurate solution for real-time UV254 or UVT monitoring. Benefiting from Split-Sense Pro and patented Ortho-beam technology, the need for calibration is limited lowering maintenance requirements. Several path length options provide solutions for wastewater to high purity applications.

  • Real-time UV254 or UVT organics analysis
  • Accurate and reliable data
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Low maintenance, bypass style design
  • 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD display
  • Optional automatic chemical cleaning systems


Dual Feed System
Monitoring two streams is simple and affordable with the dual feed system. The wall mounted cabinet is easy to install with any analyzer, alternating between two streams on timed intervals. The system is invaluable for monitoring organics removal pre and post coagulation as well as pre and post granular activated carbon (GAC) for efficiency measures and optimization.

Real Clean System
The optional Real Clean systems are the ideal choice to keep maintenance to a minimum and performance at its best. The systems can be programmed to meet the cleaning demands of each site, with the option to recycle 90% of the chemical cleaning fluid - further reducing maintenance. Systems can also be equipped with a pumping component for non-pressurized installations.

Custom Calibration
Real Tech’s innovative custom calibration feature allows the online analyzers to be calibrated without DI water or taking the unit offline. A sample is taken from the drain line of the analyzer and tested with a P200 meter or equivalent for UVT. The UVT value is then entered under the Custom Calibration tab in the menu system and the calibration is automatically updated. No further calibration is required.

  • Source water monitoring/protection
  • Coagulation optimization
  • TOC removal efficiency (Activated carbon)
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) removal efficiency
  • UV Disinfection performance
  • DBP formation potential
  • Distribution system contamination event detection
  • Smart Water Networks

Characteristic: Technical Data

  • Units: Abs or %
  • Accuracy: +- 0.5 % FS
  • Resolution: 0.001 UVA or 0.1% UVT*
  • Sampling Time: 10 seconds
  • Calibration: In-situ zeroing to DI water or custom calibration to known UVT sample
  • Cleaning: In-situ chemical cleaning or optional automatic chemical cleaning
  • Self-Diagnostics: Detection and diagnosis of internal system fault
  • Operator Interface: Five push buttons to control a comprehensive hierarchical menu system
  • Display: 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD with LED alarm indicator
  • Alarms: Dry contact terminals allow for operator configurable alarms for: high and low UVT/UVA set points, low lamp output, leak detected, system fault, etc.
  • Humidity Control: Humidity sensor with large plug-in regenerating desiccant system
  • Outputs: Self-powered 4-20 mA, RS232 serial for PC
  • Wavelength: 253.7 nm
  • Light Source: Low-pressure mercury UV lamp / UV LED
  • Lamp Life: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 17”H x 14”W x 8”D*
  • Enclosure: 1P66, NEMA 4, wall mountable
  • Flow Rate: 300-1000 mL/min
  • Pressure Rating: 20 PSI*
  • Fluid Connections: 1/4” OD tube push-in fittings
  • Electrical: 24VDC 40W power adapter (accepts 90-250VAC 50/60Hz)
  • Storage Temp.: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
  • Operating Temp.: 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
  • Weight: 22 lbs*
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty (Extended care packages available)
  • Technology: Ortho-Beam and Split-Sense Pro
  • Options: Dual Feed, Real Clean, Pump Clean, Seawater Upgrade, High Temperature Upgrade, etc.

* Difference in specifications for M4000 model
** Technical Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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