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- Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer


A more thermally-efficient design, the Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer passes the hot exhaust gas through an air-to-air heat exchanger, heating the incoming process air to ~700°F, or 50% of the combustion temperature. Then, the burner in the oxidizer only needs to provide half the heat required for a successful combustion reaction. The heat exchanger and additional ductwork will cost more money upfront, but the recuperative design requires less natural gas during operation. The Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer is a popular design, due to lower energy costs.

This model of thermal oxidizer uses a high-efficiency heat exchanger to heat the incoming process air from 200°F to ~700°F, reducing the required temperature rise over the burner to reduce natural gas usage and lower operating costs. The recuperative oxidizer is a very common type of thermal oxidizer in industry, due to the favorable energy usage payback in high-use applications.

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