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- Model MH - Cyclone Separator


ACS holds a patent of a recirculation system to increase the efficiency of cyclones. A mechanical ReCyclone® (ReCyclone® MH) is made up of a high efficiency Hurricane and a particle separator, placed downstream, called the “mechanical recirculator” (please see figure). In 2016, ACS introduced more compact recirculators that can be placed on top of cyclones, exempting the need of additional footprint.

  • The main purpose of the recirculator is to reintroduce the fine uncaptured particles into the cyclone after they have been driven to the outer walls of the recirculator by centrifugal forces.
  • While this tangential gas stream is enriched with particles, the axial gas stream exhausting to the stack is cleaned of particles. Recirculation is achieved through an additional fan.
  • Since the recirculation system only serves the purpose of dust separation (and not of collection), the particles are exclusively collected in the cyclone and the need of rapping mechanisms is thus avoided.

Efficiency Increase

  • Efficiency increases due to recirculation and agglomeration of very small particles with larger ones coming directly from the process. A ReCyclone MH decreases emissions of Hurricane cyclones alone by 40 to 60 %. As with cyclone systems, ReCyclone MH systems are very robust, do not have temperature limitations and do not have moving parts to be frequently changed.
  • Finally, recirculation control provides the benefit of handling variable process flow rates very well.
  • A ReCyclone MH is the most efficient purely mechanical collector in the market.

  • Very high efficiencies: decreases emissions of any ACS Cyclones by [30-60]%
  • Very low emissions: [15-45]mg/Nm3 is achievable for many combustion sources
  • Pressure drop: [150-200] mm w. g.
  • No temperature restrictions with an appropriate alloy steel or refractory selection
  • Recirculation assures a reasonable velocity in the cyclones
  • Robust construction with no moving parts (no rapping mechanisms)
  • Near zero maintenance and downtime costs
  • Low investment costs

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