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Adesso Advanced Materials

- Model rAFL-1001 - Laminating Resin System



Recyloset rAFL-1001 is a two-component, low viscosity re-workable epoxy system, designed for hand lay-up or infusion molding process etc. The low viscosity of the resin system assures excellent flow property and fiber wetting capacity.

A : B (part by weight) 100 : 20.4

Epoxy resin viscosity, 25±1°C (cps) 1600~2400

Hardener viscosity, 25±1°C (cps)  10~20

Mixed viscosity, 25±1°C (cps) 350~450

Gel time (oven), 100g/25°C (min) 26~28

Gel time (hot plate), 1g/25°C (min) 300~400

Tg (Cure Cycle: 50°C×1h+125°C×2h) 70~74

Tg (Cure Cycle: 26℃×24h+50℃×16h) 62~66

Curing Condition

50°C×1h+125°C×2h is recommended, or you can make adjustments according to application needs.

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