Redoma Recycling AB

- Model ESS Series - Electrostatic Separation System - Up to 1750 kg/h



REDOMA supplies fully automatic systems consisting of an Electrostatic Separator, a storage bin with a variable speed screw conveyor, together with infeed and outfeed transport equipment and a dedusting system. You can easily add this separation line to your existing cable recycling plant. Extremely little manpower is needed for this operation.

The insulation from granulated and separated cables normally contains some amount of copper. This material is fed via a vibrating feeder on two or more revolving separation drums. It passes a high-voltage field where it is electrically charged. The conductive particles (metals) loose their charge very quickly and are repelled from the drum. The non-conductive particles (plastics) stick to the drum for a little bit longer. A mix of metals and plastics is continuously fed back to the storage bin.

  • Low operating costs
  • Dry separation process
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Little manpower required
  • Profitable investment
  • Metal particles less than 0.1 mm can be separated
  • Short pay-off time
  • Purity of metals and plastics above 99%

*) For complete separation line
**) Depending on type of cable. Rubber that contains carbon is conductive and goes with the metal

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