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The Redrock range of Paddle Mixer Feeders are recognised throughout Ireland, Britain and across Europe for their reliability of performance, build strength and quality of discharge.

  • All forages, grains, protein supplements, vitamins and minerals are thoroughly mixed. Therefore the cow is not able to hunt out individual ingredients and must eat the very important, but less tasty roughage, along with the rest of the ration.
  • Completely blended feeds, coupled with carefully grouped cows, allows greater flexibility and accuracy, feeding exactly the recommended amounts of nutrient to animals at the particular stage of their lactation and level of milk yield.
  • Grain mixtures can be liberally fed to grouped high producers without over feeding the late-lactation or lower-producing cows, resulting in more efficient use of feeds and allowing farmers save money on the more expensive ration ingredients without reducing yields.

The capacity of the Paddle Mixer Feeders starts at 12m3 right through to the very substantial 30m3 feeder.

With the redesigned rotor, these machines are operated at low revs and so require less horsepower, resulting in a more fuel efficient feed, mix after mix, and continued daily fuel savings over the life of the feeder.

In keeping with the ethos of the Redrock tradition, this machine is engineered to the highest specifications of design and strength to ensure the maximum working life for the end user. After sales service is second to none and with a dealer network of service engineers the Paddle Mixer Feeder farmer will always be in good hands.

The Paddle Mixer Feeders produce a feed structure that optimises the way feed is converted to milk for the dairy farmer, and likewise converts the maximum amount of feed to live-weight gain for the stock farmer. Long grass and straw, normally diffi cult to mix, is chopped to the required length-short enough to be totally incorporated into the feed, but still long enough to properly stimulate the cow’s rumen. As the fodder stalk structure is maintained, the need to feed other fi brous material like straw, is greatly reduced. Animals are able to more effectively digest the feed and therefore produce more milk or beef while eating the same amounts.

The Redrock mixing rotor turns clockwise and the material is gently passed through the very effective cutting system while it is mixing. When the machine is discharging, the rotor turns anti-clockwise. The reverse mix action ensures a perfect, even, fl uffy mix. The Redrock paddle-type mixing rotor mixes wet materials, such as root crops etc, with-out crushing them, so they retain their full feed value. After discharging, all the feeding materials are completely removed
from the mixing chamber - eliminating any wastage of feed, and reducing the danger of old feed contaminating the next day’s mix.

The ability to drive the Redrock mixer rotor clockwise and anti-clockwise ensures the rotor will never jam, allowing faster, safer and more effi cient feeding of all material types, without the danger and down-time of a blockage, while the farmer tries to clear highly compacted feed from around the auger.

Designed to handle Round Bale Silage

This machine utilises a rotor that is specially designed to effortlessly handle round-bale silage, incorporating a chopping system to cut fi brous material to the desired length for healthy rumen activity.

Weigh system

The weigh system is fitted to the Paddle Mixer Feeder as standard. The weigh indicator has high visibility 65mm characters, a highly sensitive diaphragm keyboard and a reading accuracy of +/- 0.1kg on 10kg.

Other weigh options are available with the weigh indicator, Graphic + system and graphic Memory A USB which holds up to eighty recipes and 20 components.

Data mix card software

The data mix card software has evolved over time due to our experience in the field of animals feeding and its management. This software provides a clear and reliable picture of feeding of our animals, without any waste of time. Furthermore, the information obtained is highly valuable when calculating future recipe ratios.

Data mix card software, together with the graphic A and graphic A USB indicator, offers the following possibilities:

  • Simple programming of recipes, with option to store recipe names. Facility to store up 80 different recipes, each with up to 20 components.
  • Multilingual.
  • Ability to quickly change the total ration in comparison with the percentage of adjustment of each single component and recipe.
  • Graphic representation of the percentage related to the distribution of each single component.
  • Data Transfer to a PC through a Memory Card and USB reader or Pen Drive.
  • Back-up of loading and unloading data via the Pen Drive.
  • Ability to set-up a components list and store individual costs per kilo of each component.
  • Warehouse management and easy-to-follow representations of available quantities.
  • Alarm facility - to alert operator when fixed (pre-set) minimum limits have been reached.
  • Facility to transfer data directly to Excel.
  • Compatible with all Windows Systems.
  • Facility to input milk production data and relevant sales price per kilo (or kg) in order to automatically calculate profits and profit/costs ratios.

Different Kinds of Reports

  • Consumption report.
  • Print of the costs = representation of labour costing per recipe.

  • Specially Treated Serrated Knives
  • Mineral Chute
  • European Double Row Roller Bearings
  • Newly designed rotor with fibre-tech cutting system
  • Programmable Weigh System with data collection option

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