Reduct NV - Pipeline Mapping Systems

- Model DRC-2 - Modular Digital Video Recorder


The DRC-2 is an easy to use add-on tool to the DR-4 Pipeline Mapping System that enables the user to quickly obtain a first impression of the internal condition of a pipe and accurately locate key features and anomalies. The DRC-2 can record up to 3 hours of footage and does not require data or power tether.

The system's X-Query™ software automatically synchronizes the recorded footage with the XYZ coordinate data logged by the DR-4 to quickly determine the exact location of observations such as welds, deformations and lateral connections.

The DRC-2 can be used with both the centralized and invert wheel-sets and the camera can be moved and rotated to provide the optimal picture angle. The footage is stored on an removable flash memory card for easy transfer to a PC.

Read more about the Output Data for the combined DR-4 and DRC-2 systems.

  • Type: Color 1/4 EX VIEW CCD
  • Resolution: 400+ TV lines
  • Sensitivity: 1.0 lux
  • Lights: LED (expandable)

  • Dimensions: 300x110x72mm
  • Probe weight: 2.5 kg / 5lb
  • Battery type / autonomy: Lithium ion / 2 hours
  • Minimum Pipe ID: 150mm / 6'
  • Mounting: In-line or on top of DR-4
  • Pipe ID operating range: 150mm / 6' and up
  • Data exchange: Flash memory card
  • Software: X-Query
  • Water resistance: IP 67
  • Operating temperature: 0°C/32°F to 50°C/120°F

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