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- Model 2i - Sensor Based Waste and Recycling Sorter



REDWAVE 2i has been equipped with the new interactive 'intelligence' which can not only be used directly on the sorting machine, but also anywhere, anytime on mobile devices and computers in real-time. This development of advanced human-machine-computer communication and access to real-time analytics and statistics provides the ability to monitor, control and optimise sorting processes at any time. In addition, REDWAVE 2i uses Sensor Fusion for optimised sorting quality, with additional benefits in terms of quick and simple system implementation, additional features for convenient machine maintenance and user-friendly operation. Up to six different fractions can be sorted in the usual high quality with just one single machine.

  • Statistical data in real-time:
  • gain real-time access to input and output quality
  • real-time access to performance of sorters and sorting line
  • Generate value by Industry 4.0 data analysis
  • Quality optimisation by interactive process control
  • Advanced performance data
  • Statistical datas

REDWAVE sensor based sorters are high-performance machines for the recycling and waste industry. The material is scanned and separated according to set parameters. A signal is sent to the high speed valves for separating the material. The number of valves activated per recognized object depends on the size of the particle to be separated.

The new REDWAVE 2i generation operates with Sensor Fusion which combines near-infrared, RGB cameras and metal sensors for optimum sorting quality. When compared with conventional sorting machines, REDWAVE 2i provides additionally essential advantages for the plant operator concerning maintainability, installation and ongoing operation. But above all REDWAVE 2i is the latest generation in sensor based sorting focused on intelligent interactivity between: human machine – computer.


  • Sensor fusion – combines near-infrared sensors, RGB cameras and metal detectors in one machine for enhanced sorting results
  • High-performance design for application on dirty and dry material stream
  • Adoptable design to allow up to 4-channel sorting in one machine
  • Easy upgradeable from 2-way to 3-way machine designs
  • Optimised energy consumption
  • Free HMI software
  • 24 hour online support

Real-Time Monitoring:

  • Provision of real-time data on mobile devices and computers
  • History tracking of plant availability and plant performance
  • Comparison of production period
  • Interactive process control which reduces downtime to a minimum


  • Easy installation of machine “Place-Connect-Start”
  • Pneumatically moveable valve unit for auto-cleaning
  • Large inspection windows
  • Optimised spare parts stock due to universal machine design
  • Adjustable HMI display
  • Machine access redesigned for user-friendly ergonomics

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Recovery and sorting of:
    • plastics
    • paper and cardboard
  • Plastics
    • Sorting of lightweight packaging:
    • PET (different material and/or colour)
    • HDPE + LDPE
    • PP/PS
    • PVC
  • Paper
    • cardboard
    • news & pams
    • tetra
  • Glass
    • Removal of plastic from glass cullet
    • Construction and Demolition Waste

  • Ejection:
    • 2-way system
    • 3-way system

  • Sensor technology: Sensor fusion – combines near-infrared sensors, RGB cameras and metal detectors
  • Ejection: 2-way or 3-way system

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