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- Model NIR/C - Optical Paper Sorting Machine



REDWAVE NIR/C is an optical sorting machine which recognises and separates by material and colour in only one step.
Different kinds of material such as colour printed and non-printed cardboard, catalogues, newspaper, magazines, and plastics can be identified by Near Infrared Technology. The colour sensors allow for further sorting, such as separating gray from brown cardboard. This is another great benefit of the machine.

REDWAVE (Multi-sensor) NIR/C

  • Sensor technologies: This sorting machine combines Near Infrared Spectroscopy and colour sensor technology in a single machine.
  • Sorting width: 1200/1600/2000/2400/2800 mm
  • Capacity: up to 14 t/hr (depending on the material)
  • Execution: 2-way machine

The infeed material is pre-processed by ballistic separators, disc or star screens to prepare it for the sorting machine. For best results, the material size should be between 100x100mm and 400x600mm. The powerful blow-out unit is able to separate single parts up to 1.5 kg with a size of 200x300mm.

  • Sorting width 1.000-2.800 mm
  • Capacity: up to 14 tph (depending on the material)
  • Design: 2-way machine

Desired paper
Recovery of:

  • Desired Recovery of Office paper
  • Desired Recovery of News
  • Desired Recovery of Magazines
  • Desired Recovery of Glossy
  • Desired Recovery of Catalogue

Undesired paper:
Separation of:

  • Undesired Separation of Brown and gray cardboard
  • Undesired Separation of Corrugated cardboard
  • Undesired Separation of Folded boxes
  • Undesired Separation of Coloured printed cardboard
  • Undesired Separation of Synthetic papers
  • Undesired Separation of Plastic-laminated papers

Non-paper products:
Separation of:

  • Separation of Plasticsn products
  • Separation of Liquid packaging board products
  • Separation of Textiles products
  • Separation of Metals products
  • And many more ...

Paper industry has high standards for de-inked paper. REDWAVE­ is able to achieve these requirements with highest precision. The system Near Infrared Spectroscopy with colour sensors is selected for the paper industry.

Recognition of:

  • Recognition of Flexoprint
  • Recognition of woodfree paper

  1. Acceleration belt
  2. Sensor and light source
  3. Blow outlet unit
  4. Driven separation roller

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