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- Model 24 Pack- 04.271.24 - Micro Tissue Homogenization Kits



The microHomogenizer kits offers all the exceptional benefits of microDisruptor™ homogenizers in a convenient microfuge tube format. This kit is completely disposable and eliminates the need for lab space, making microHomogenizer perfect for use in the field as well as an excellent alternative for researcher bench tops cluttered with bulky homogenizers. The microHomogenizer comes with the lysing media, and microfuge tubes. Power supply not included.

  1. Place 200-400ul of your solution of choice into disruption chamber. Samples can consist of small pieces of animal tissue (20-30mg), leaf punches (3-6mm diameter), or a solution of hard-to-disrupt cells (greater than 109cells/ml; use of 0.1-0.2mm beads suggested).
  2. If desired, tissue or plant samples can be disrupted with the help additional beads (0.5mm beads are provided for this use). However, disruption of tissue has been shown to be achieved without the use of beads. As an option, the user may choose to initially shred tissue within the chamber without using beads and then decide to add beads (0.1-0.5mm) to further disrupt intact cells or provide finer tissue homogenization.
  3. Activate the microHomogenizer  or microDisruptor  by moving the switch on the Bat-Pac  to the “On” position. Occasionally shake the chamber during operation to help any undisrupted chunks into solution. If using the microHomogenizer , the motor can be easily raised, lowered, or tilted within the included microfuge tube to achieve optimal disruption. If using the microHomogenizer , you may find that it is necessary to tilt the handle of the device such that the impeller of the motor is not in contact with the side of the tube (preventing the motor from moving).
  4. Disruption times will vary depending on desired outcome. For easy and efficient separation of lysate from the beads (if used), try our PrepTip  recovery tips.

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