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Model GC - Refrigerant Gas Dryer


Biogas always contains water vapour in an unsaturated state. During combustion, the water vapour results in considerable corrosion damages to the gas engines and turbines. Malfunctions caused by these damages lead to significant downtimes and high repair costs. The use of a gas dehumidification systems can considerably extend the engines’ service life and notably reduce maintenance costs. The condensation of the water vapour in the gas is caused by temperature reduction which in turn results in a dehumidification. A post-heating stage reduces relative humidity, setting biogas to optimal conditions for activated carbon filter and/or CHPs. The EnvironTec's gas de-humidification process presents a cost-effective solution in this context. Gas dehumidification modules are available in performance ranges offering gas flow rates from 100 to 6000 Nm³/h. Special designs are also available on request.

The condensation of water vapor in the gas takes place by lowering the temperature and ran thus leads to a dehumidification. The condensate is and in one case the cooling downstream Deposited over discharged a siphon. By the dehumidification efficiency increase enlarge is Achieved at the same time. 

The EnvironTec Gastrocknugsprozess Provides a cost-effective solution for it.

The drying gas can be Supplied to the modules power ranges from 100 to 6000 Nm³ / h of gas throughput. On request, special designs are available. 
Additional applications are arrangements in combination with a booster heater before activated carbon filters and fed into a gas pipeline to avoid condensation. 
To save energy, the gas dryer is equipped with a plug-in from air cooler and tube exchanger expandable.

  • Gas cooling for dry of biogas, sewage and landfill gas
  • Compact, split and special design-available guides (for Exampwe container)
  • Condensate trap or about pressure pump with independent
  • Increasing the efficiency and protection for gas engines and CHP
  • Easy to use
  • Gas in contact with stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4571
  • Optional with reheating
  • Optional with precooling for energy saving

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paierindustrie
  • Landfills
  • Food industry
  • Agriculture

  • Gas flow rate: 100 – 6.000m³/h
  • Gas temperature at inlet: max. 105°C
  • Gas temperature at outlet: 3 - 5°C min
  • Gas pressure at inlet: -100 to + 500 mbar
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 to + 45°C

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