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- Model 22 - Anhydrous Ammonia



The refrigerant REFRIX 22 is a pure single component gas that belongs to the HCFC family. It is used for refrigeration and air conditioning of both high and low temperature applications.

ASHRAE designation and safety classification
R 22 - Chlorodifluoromethane
Safety group A1


  • Air conditioning
    - residential 
    and commercial 
    small air conditioners and for domestic and commercial heatpumps,  air conditioning in public transport ( passenger trains and buses)
    - industrial
    air conditioning for the processing industry


  • Refrigeration 
    - commercial

    refrigerated counters, cold rooms, display units, ice makers, refrigerated vending machines, refrigerated warehouses, ice skating rinks
    - industrial
    refrigeration systems for the processing industry
    - domestic
    freezers and domestic refrigerators
  • Refrigerated transports


  • AB 
    alkylbenzene lubricant
  • MO 
    mineral oil

It is recommended to make reference to the plant manufacturer guidelines.
Availability and use allowed according to the applicable regulations  and eventual rights of third parts.

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